Ap Home Office – Cindy


I feel fortunate that our profession allows us to work from almost anywhere. Anywhere with Wi-Fi, that is, which is pretty much anywhere. We can connect with co-workers and clients from a car, a conference, or even a beach. So working from home seemed like a natural progression, since our work can go with us wherever we go.

I’m a big fan of working remotely, however I have to admit that for someone who is easily distracted (OK, VERY easily distracted) working from home can take some getting used to. It’s great to be able to take a break to ride my bike, water the flowers, or walk the dog (by the way, Murphy is thrilled with his new position as Barking Reception/Fuzzy Office Assistant), but the ever-present home projects that surround me throughout the day are hard to ignore. So I’ve adopted a few tactics to help me stay on task, like creating a weekly schedule and blocking out specific times for both work and personal to-dos.

I also find that choosing the right workspace greatly influences my productivity. My location of choice is the pergola in the backyard which serves as a great fair-weather office. With Wi-Fi on my laptop and phone I have everything I need to work on projects and connect with clients. And I find the tranquility of the outdoors helps my concentration and focus. Oddly enough, I don’t find chirping birds the least bit distracting.

Of course I do have an office indoors, but I prefer to work in the outdoor office whenever possible. I suppose come October I may need to rethink my position.