Do You Have The Right Media Mix?


Digital, traditional, or both? What’s the best media plan for your business?

How do you know if your media mix is right? I get asked that question just about every day. It’s not an easy question to answer. Honestly, it depends. There isn’t a “perfect” media mix.  Finding the right media mix isn’t a black & white or off & on type of thing. It’s more like “dinner.” Let me explain.

I get asked just about every day, “What’s for dinner?” (See the correlation already?) And well, the answer depends. Are we staying in and cooking or are we going to go out to eat? If we are going out and want to meet up with some friends for something quick and simple, the answer might be burgers and beer at the local pub. If it’s a special occasion, and the stakes are high, then an expensive, fancy restaurant with white linen tablecloths might be the right place. If you happen to be eating a gluten-free, vegan diet, then you know what interests you and what doesn’t and you make your decision based on those parameters. (Can I recommend Brixx wood-fired pizza in Fishers, IN?  I think you get what I am trying to say. Many options can be right, it just depends on what you need.



So back to the media mix conversation:

1.  Burgers and Beer

Are you an upstart hybrid (online and bricks and mortar) company, with a small budget, focused on gaining awareness and initial trial from affluent women, aged 18-34 years old in a specific geographical area? Well, your media mix might skew heavier to content-driven, online media and PR, with a small (research-based) radio schedule with a live remote to drive your core audience to an event to sample your store. As your new customers come in, you capture their data via an enter-to-win, ask permission to reach back out to them with special offers, engage your audience and find out what makes them act. You ask them to experience your store, share their pictures on their favorite social media sites, ask them to connect with you on your sites and to stay in touch. You keep your content on-point and fresh and give them a reason to come back again and again.

2. Fancy Restaurant

Perhaps you are a well-established, industry leader, providing goods or services to customers all over the globe? If this is the case, you would likely consider traditional marketing to reach the masses, while still conducting laser-focused marketing in digital and direct media channels to specific consumer segments, based on research that profiles sectors with the highest propensity to engage and purchase your products and services. Your public relations efforts are ongoing and notable in all areas of earned, shared and owned media.

3.  Gluten-free Vegan

And finally, for my gluten-free, vegan friends (sometimes thought of as the B-to-B category), you wouldn’t want to include traditional marketing such as television in your media mix. It is too wasteful for the specific audiences you are interested in reaching. But, in addition to the likely suspects of trade journals and trade shows, you might want to get creative and test some digital media that you haven’t tried before. That eNewsletter sponsorship might be the key in directing people to your website to sign up for a white paper or view a specific video, allowing you to capture their data and build your own database of qualified leads. With proper lead nurturing, these leads become prospects that get converted into sales and company growth/profitability.

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