The Value of Focus Groups


Should you listen to your customer?

Well, only you are qualified to answer that, but conventional wisdom indicates that listening to your customer helps define brand loyalty and provides predictive analytics for future sales. So maybe it’s a good idea to listen?

Recently, Axiomport helped a multi-state home solutions company hear directly from its customers via focus group testing. You’ve heard about focus groups and you probably know that they recruit customer groups to talk in-depth about what they like and don’t like about certain products or services.

A key factor in focus group testing is that the producer gets to watch the customer talk about their category or product behind a two way mirror, so customers talk openly without fear of hurting anyone’s feelings. Sounds simple, but having a better understanding of our customers’ views and perceptions can prove invaluable in our business and marketing planning and can deliver big results.

Axiomport is pleased to help clients conduct primary research in qualitative and quantitative studies. If you hear what customers are saying, you’re likely to uncover insights and you’re sure to make better, well-informed decisions.