A Modern Brand for Independent Living


Late last year we began learning about Westminster Village North, a continuing care retirement community located in Indianapolis, just south of Geist. We found that the visual brand was dated and did not reflect the sense of community, family, and personality that residents of Westminster Village North appreciate most. We dug a little deeper and found ways to reflect the best aspects of this thriving residence.

As part of our discovery process, and with the help of leadership and residents of Westminster Village North, we asked questions in an informal setting to gain a better understanding of the residence. This allowed us to discuss brand archetypes, brand personality and review competitive brands.

Leadership and board members reflected aspects of being caregivers and offering innovative dietary plans, while residents shared an appreciation for a sense of family, freedom, and safety.

From a brand personality perspective terms of sincerity like “genuine, upbeat, and cheerful” stood out. Words like “dependable, secure, and well-informed” reflected Westminster’s competence. One resident simply said, “you’re able to be as active as you want to be.”

All of this information directed our creation of the new logo, messaging, photography, and even color choices to match care levels. Print collateral is an important aspect of the one-to-one marketing process but consideration was also given to digital marketing and how the brand is conveyed online. We also partnered with Westminster’s web development team at Catalyst Group, sharing all of the graphic elements we developed to extend the new look online.

As we see our own families changing, moving to new chapters of their life, we are delighted to have a small part in helping position this growing community. With all of our clients, we know it’s important for a brand to reflect the best parts of its personality, especially one that offers such a warm, caring, and inviting residence to seniors.