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Case Study: Indiana State Museum

December 2nd, 2016 by Axiomport

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum tells the story of the Hoosier state with exhibits on Indiana art, science and culture. They asked us to update the museum’s brand and provide direction on integrating the eleven Historic Sites around the state within the brand. Check out our brief case study on this project.

The Rantings of a Mad Botanist – Book Design

October 18th, 2016 by Axiomport

“CAUTION!  This book is different, and not for everyone . . .” Thus begins The Rantings of a Mad Botanist, the pull-no-punches gardening book by our friend, author Bill McKnight. Over the years we’ve helped Bill and the Indiana Academy of Science design a shelf full of titles, so we were thrilled to help him

Axiomport Home Office – Pat

October 8th, 2016 by Axiomport

Like many creatives, Pat has always had something of a home office, but now she is enjoying the convenience of working from home on a regular basis. Pat’s two dogs—Bailey, a Jack Russell terrier mix, and Henry, a “very cute but we’re not sure what exactly” mix—are also enjoying Pat’s new work arrangement and are

Case Study: Elkhart Revitalization

March 28th, 2016 by Axiomport

After years of decline, Downtown Elkhart, Indiana began to re-emerge under a comprehensive community revitalization initiative. Despite the redevelopment of its infrastructure and the addition of many new venues, residents of Elkhart still held negative perceptions of the area due to years of decline and apathy. The challenge was to refocus those perceptions and encourage

Case Study: Browning

February 16th, 2016 by Axiomport

Since 1977, Browning Investments has been breaking new ground as a firm that “moves mountains” in any industry. Recognized for their work in mid-size commercial development, construction, and management, Browning has since created a diversified portfolio that includes office, mixed-use, health care, life science, higher education, and market-leading industrial projects. Their past branding strategy included

Men’s Health Center – Urology of Indiana

January 15th, 2016 by Axiomport

Axiomport assisted Urology of Indiana in the branding process for their new Men’s Health Center and established campaign messaging, tone and creative to support the brand in marketing a sensitive health initiative. The new brand tone was smart, respectful, and engaging to both male and female audiences, as spouses are often involved in these types of health care

When hiring a marketing firm to take on your project, deliberation and research are necessary for the success of any collaboration. Take a look at our top 10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Marketing Firm: 1. Budget – An obvious thing to consider when hiring a marketing firm. Is there room in your company’s budget

We recently created a book for Citizens National Bank of Albion—located in a small rural town in southern Illinois—to commemorate their first 75 years of business. Each chapter contains photos of historical sites, documents and currency, as well as current photos of the area and customer profiles. A timeline of the bank’s history runs throughout.

The Best Chocolate in Town Loyalty Card

September 23rd, 2015 by Axiomport

Happiness. One bite at a time. We recently had the sweet opportunity to help The Best Chocolate in Town promote their new customer loyalty program. We created the “Happiness. One Bite at a Time.” loyalty card, which allows truffle purchasers to buy 24 truffles, then get 2 truffles free! Get two free truffles after you purchase 24

To help our clients get in front of their audiences, we have to know how and where those audiences consume their media. More and more, mobile apps are where brands are engaging with those audiences. With 3 million active users, Snapchat is the number 3 social media platform for the 18-34 demographic, falling right behind

10 Marketing Myths That Need To Go

August 11th, 2015 by Axiomport

Today’s changing digital world affects the number of misconceptions surrounding marketing. With the increased use of technology, it’s easy for one to think that traditional marketing and promotion tactics are dead. However, the use of traditional marketing is still just as effective as it was 20 years ago. Check out our top 10 marketing myths below. 1. E-mail

Zero Suicides for Indiana Youth

August 1st, 2015 by Axiomport

In Indiana, the second leading cause of death among teens is suicide. Community Health Network partnered with Mental Health America of Greater Indianapolis to launch a new initiative to address this statewide problem. Together, they created a text service as part of their “Zero Suicides for Indiana Youth” campaign. Now, any young person experiencing suicidal

Your Mobile Strategy Is More Than Just An App

July 23rd, 2015 by Axiomport

“Does your company’s marketing program include a good mobile strategy?”  Sometimes, just asking this basic question brings about puzzled looks from marketing executives.  “Are you talking about an app?” is a common response.  Which invariably leads to a discussion of “what is mobile strategy?” The reality is that having an app might be a great tactic for your

When it comes to marketing for your company, what tactics do you find most effective? Social media? Creative advertising? New brand logo or look? Guess what, the most influential marketing tactic is not something you can update or create. In fact, it’s sitting all over your office. That’s right, your most powerful marketing weapons are your

Axiomport worked with Community Heart and Vascular to help launch a new ad campaign that promotes same day cardiologist appointments. The team of board-certified cardiologists at Community know that when it comes to your heart, every second matters. That’s why you can now get same day appointments and see a cardiologist in a heartbeat. We

2015 is just one of the many years that will be affected by digital media. Already, we have over 200 well known social media sites across the world. Some of the most popular include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and LinkedIn. We’re interested in how these digital media sites are affecting our industry of branding

  New report shows the importance of revenue generation marketing.  According to a recent worldwide survey of corporate CMOs, most companies will classify the marketing process as a revenue driver by the year 2020. The report states that companies labeling marketing as a cost center will decrease dramatically over the next 3-5 years. So what

  With more than 300 million members across the globe, LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network. It offers a unique and important platform for sharing knowledge, building relationships and attracting customers. But is your company getting the most out of its LinkedIn page? Creating an effective LinkedIn page provides a number of benefits including:

The Future of the Marketing Process

April 13th, 2015 by Axiomport

Predictions from some of the world’s top marketers It’s no secret that the marketing world we once knew has changed. Marketers have had to adjust to smartphones, iPads, tablets…even watches and glasses. Mass media has given way to social media.  Instead of “reach” and “impressions” we focus on “engagement” and “conversations.” And customer targeting has