Shelbourne Knee Center Ad Campaign


Shelbourne Knee Center, part of Community Health Network, came to Axiomport with two marketing challenges. The first was to announce their new location at Community Hospital East and the second was to promote their unique, research- and data-driven approach to ACL reconstruction and total knee replacements.

Axiomport is helping Shelbourne Knee Center accomplish both of these goals with their Q3/Q4 2017 advertising campaign, which features two patient testimonials. The media mix includes traditional and streaming radio, print, and digital/social media. Both testimonial spots also mention the new location, eliminating the additional cost of producing a third ad focused primarily on the new location.

Roger, a 62-year of weekend warrior who likes to play soccer and do some occasional trail runs with his dog, Cowboy, is a satisfied total knee replacement patient. Jared is a college football player who went to Shelbourne Knee Center for his ACL reconstruction. Not only was Jared back on the football field after six months, he was playing at the same level as before the injury. These two grateful patients tell their stories of recovery in the multi-platform ad campaign.