Rose-Hulman Ad Campaign


I recently saw a screening of the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed.” It’s a thought-provoking movie about K-12 education and how we may be at the precipice for a major transformation of how and what we teach our children to get them ready for college, careers and the rest of their lives. I’ll leave out most of the details, but suffice it to say that the movie was more about teaching kids the soft skills of thinking, making decisions for themselves, leadership, working together in a group, perseverance and grit over short-term memorization of facts (that can easily be looked up) and performance on standardized tests. They cite a charter school in New York, High Tech High, that is attempting to teach kids differently and looks to be succeeding, so far. But, enough about the movie, I recommend you watch it if you can and drop me a note at I’d love to hear your thoughts about the movie.

So what does this have to do about Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and their recent advertising campaign? Well, the number one undergrad engineering school in the US for the past 20 years is all about hands-on experiential learning and teamwork, leadership, grit and perseverance. Yes, they are about good grades and high test scores, but they are so much more than just grades and scores!

In the first phase of the online ad campaign, we featured a number of Rose-Hulman students and their inventions. In one example, five mechanical engineering students designed and built a bike for Bella, a 9-years girl with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy who needed a bike with enhanced stability. (Watch the short video here.) And then there was the student who built his own smart watch. These stories and others were woven into an online ad campaign utilizing targeted search, online display and social media to reach potential students prior to the early admissions deadline. Phase 2 of the campaign lines up with regular admissions and drives potential students to schedule a visit, learn how to apply, and to apply online. As with any online campaign, metrics are tracked and optimized on an on-going basis.

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